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Texas Wide Open for Business
Brazosport College's Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart:  a free nine-week training program at Brazosport College designed to teach the skills needed for participants to be hired at local industrial sites as pipefitters, millwrights and electricians.   Do you know of someone that might benefit from this program?  Perhaps you can distribute or display the flyers (English & Spanish) and help someone to find out about this opportunity.

The program’s fourth program will begin June 8, 2015. Successful applicants are trained in one of the three crafts three days a week, and the other two days are schooled in hazard awareness, how to build their resumes and how to prepare for interviews. Students will get the course, textbooks and materials free. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and must pass and pay for a $100 hair-follicle drug test before being admitted into the program.

More than 40 students have completed the program thus far, and all of them have been hired at local plants by companies including Fluor and Dow Chemical.

Read more about Jumpstart on the Brazosport College webpage or in The Facts.
Web QA
We have launched a new software called WebQA! This software is similar to what you have used in the past to report or suggest improvements.  We look forward to hearing from our residents!
Business Development
Estimated Future Capital Investments
The Freeport area will be exploding over the next several years with business growth and development. Now is the perfect time to be a part of this local economic development!
Trying to Contact Waste Management?
The contact phone number for Waste Management has changed. The new number is 1-800-800-5804. If you have issues with your service, you may always call City Hall at 979-233-3526.
Report a Street Light Outage
Visit Centerpoint's "Report Street Light Outages" page to report street lights needing repair.   Here's a tip: Zoom in to Freeport to the neighborhood you are looking for to find the pole number.  Follow the directions on the right hand side of the screen.  You can always call us during working hours for assistance!
Grabber Truck Service
We have brought back the grabber truck!   Items will still be placed at the curb.  No items will be placed in the alley.  The grabber truck will pick up items that weigh over 50 pounds.  We still encourage residents to cut limbs to 4' lengths.  Also, loose items need to be bundled and residents are still limited to the one (1) cubic yard restrictions.  Click here for a grabber truck service map to find your designated day.  Check out our trash collection webpage for information and guidelines for all trash collection.
Stormwater Permits

The Federal Government is now mandating that smaller cities, like Freeport, must comply with stormwater regulations.  If you are a property owner, contractor or developer, this may affect you in your construction or normal business practices!  Click here to find out more!

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